August 02, 2009

endless love!

love.what is that? i am not likely to talk bout human love, but HIS love.
how Gracious and Merciful HE is for showering us with countless and endless love.

i am not an angel. my days, weeks,months, and years are full of sins. either it is noticeable or not. when i lost, HE certainly will guide me and show me the right path. but, i am not an angel. always repeat the same mistakes and sins. second but, HE certainly will forgive HIS poor servant. Merciful HE is.
when i flashback my old days, i feel like crying. i 'm not realize all the mistakes that i've done. a lot.
but HE never runs from me instead of me. HE never vanish. HE never fail to shower me with 'rezeki'. HE never forget to bless me.
ya RABBI. what's wrong with me? why im not always with YOU? YOU, i put all my remorse and prayer.

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