November 08, 2009

sila lupakan saya

Wish That I Could Move On
Can't Let Go,It's Too Strong Just Like That
And Then You're Gone
Is This How You Wanted It To Be
Everything You Had To Say

Sent The Tears Right Down My Face
Now I'm Trying To Escape
The Misery

Why Don't You Love Me The Way I Loved You
It Feels So Crazy

Cause I Dunno What I Did To You

If You're Gonna Hurt Me

Then Do It Quickly

Cause I'm Tired Of Cryin
If You Don't Wanna Stick Around
Then,****, Forget About Me

My Heart Was True

And That You Can't Deny
I am not a Fool
And make my way
From All The Lies

*forget about me
*i'll forget you

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