November 12, 2009

saya tak apa-apa

dear blog,

i feel so empty right now. all of sudden the don't-know-how-to-describe feeling come accompany me all the day. feeling like missing someone. oh, not someone actually but a few important person in my small little world. i miss him. i miss her. i miss them. big time!
i feel sympathy for myself actually. things seem not on the right line lately. even a small matter might make me down. what a nuisance!

dear blog,

i just can't stop thinking of that somebody. even i tried harder to vanish that somebody from my mind. i just can't. but i know, nothing would change. that somebody was just my dream. that somebody was a history. nothing much. no doubt i still hope for the 'impossible dream' to turn real. i am hoping...
na na na...[ mind changing]
no. i can't do this anymore. i must step out from this stupid dream! please don't be a fool la. just think of the bright side, ok! there must be something that i've learned from the memory. i must find it out. no matter what. just let the memory be the history. i think it is not bad to come across such thing because i will learn a lesson at least.

again, dear blog,
two paper left. no matter what, just keep moving. there must be something waiting at the end of this hard journey ( i mean journey of this sem). hope so.

ohkay then.
i stop here. bubye dear blog.

*skeeping pulak.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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